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November 2007

Have you been at a conference when you suddenly become aware of a thudding drum, a strong voice drawing you into movement, into dance and singing? One moment your body feels stiff as an old board from sitting for hours in long sessions, the next you are bending and flowing, coming together with others and then being alone, making sounds you weren’t aware were possible and movements long forgotten.

In a conversation with Melanie Hoffstead from London I find out that her work no matter how spontaneous and playful it may seem, has a depth and a methodology, which underpins the experience.

Working with Reiki and creativity she takes people in a safe and therapeutic way to a place of freedom where they can express themselves, with no competition, no self-consciousness. She calls it freeing the spirit.

What were you doing when you met Reiki?
I had trained as a dance and drama teacher, social worker and group worker. Later I became a drama therapist.

I had my first Reiki experience at Findhorn, the community in Scotland whilst on a sacred singing workshop and then I met my Reiki master, Frank Coppieters at a healing dance event in Breitenbush. So you could say that Reiki has always been entwined with my love of singing and dancing.

How did you start doing your creative workshops?
One day I thought what a fantastic mix, the two things would be: Reiki and the creative. I began by offering solstice workshops honouring our connection to mother Earth and the rest of my work developed from those small beginnings. Always when I am creating a workshop, I begin with self-treatment and then the flow begins, the ideas and the words come, the themes arise. It’s very difficult to separate the two strands: Reiki is always present.

When we take Reiki, it awakens many parts inside us including the creative. The way I see it is that healing is so connected to creativity. In my work I see lots of creative people with blocks who find Reiki opens them up to greater creativity.

In my experience of running big workshops and by bringing people into their creative flow, when we come to do Reiki treatments, the Reiki goes much deeper. The emotions are more easily accessible and insights seem to pop up more readily. To be in creative harmony and to have healing Reiki hands is the icing on the cake. 

Philippa Burden

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