Reiki pronounced ray-key is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. Rei means mysterious, miraculous and sacred. Ki means energy. It is also used to describe a hands on healing practice ,whereby healing energy is transmitted through the hands, promoting balance on all levels-mind, body and spirit. It is a completely safe, non-invasive, natural way of treating physical and emotional problems, improving health and enhancing the quality of life. Reiki touches all levels of our humanity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Learning Reiki

Anyone who has the desire can learn Reiki. People of any age, children from the age of six. People learn Reiki
for a variety of reasons- some for help with physical health, going  through cancer treatment,   stress of daily life, and feelings of  depression. Anxiety ,trauma, asthma, pregnancy. As well as people who are on a spiritual journey, self discovery and exploration to have a better state of mind and life style .Reiki comes into our lives always at the right time.

In the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho, which I honour, Reiki is an oral tradition passed on from master to students through teaching, initiations, sharing information and exchanging treatments .Reiki in this form, is not something that can be learned by reading a book or getting information

 from the internet—but through your own experience of Reiki from a Reiki Master who has received training from a Reiki master who has extensive living and teaching experience as a master in this system.

Level l “Shoden”

 Reiki l honoring the spiritual lineage of Dr Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

The major emphasis of the first level of Reiki is self -healing and I always encourage people to have at least one treatment before they come to learn . It is advisable not to drink alcohol or have a lot of caffeine a couple of days before the  workshop. During the training students will be told the history of reiki, receive four initiations , learn about the precepts and the aspects and the form of the system. They will be taught how to do a self- treatment and treat others with a specific sequence of hand positions. Students will have the opportunity to practice on each other. There will be time for questions and the teaching is done in a very relaxed, supportive way. The training can take place over four consecutive days, about 2hours each day or over a weekend. The timing depends on the number of students and the maximum is 10.

Everyone leaves the training with “Reiki flowing through their hands”.

 Level ll “Okuden”

Second degree Reiki is for students who have already got Reiki 1 and want to go deeper with Reiki. There is at least a six months to a year gap between level 1 and level 11.During the class the students learn three symbols and practice working with them. There is one initiation and one of the areas that is taught is distant healing. The training takes place over three consecutive days or over a weekend. Timing is dependent on the number of people attending.

I teach both levels individually as well as in small groups

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