There are many benefits that Reiki can bring into your life.

Reiki is balancing so it can theoretically help anyone in any situation-from babies in utero, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Reiki greatly assists the birthing and the dying processes of life. It can accelerates the body’s own healing mechanism.

 It can bring about clear thinking and insight, giving one a sense of harmony and balance.

There is increasing scientific evidence and research that Reiki can reduce stress of daily life and anxiety and help with depression.

Here are a some issues that Reiki can help with:


              • With sleep disorder, digestion, pain management
              • Aid in healing illness, injury and trauma.
              • Regulate blood pressure/heart rate.
              • Improve acute or chronic pain.
              • Asthma
              • Decrease levels of stress hormones
              • During pregnancy and child birth
              • Deep relaxation and peace.
              • Accelerates the body’s own healing mechanism.

Reiki Treatment

To receive a Reiki treatment, the person lies on her back fully clothed on a massage table while the Reiki practitioner places her hands on the head and torso. The treatment starts on the head, over the eyes and the forehead and the Reiki flows from the practitioner’s hands to the patient. The treatment continues down the front of the body and then on the back. There is a specific sequence and set hand positions and the treatment takes approximately one hour. The energy keeps moving in the body after the treatment for about 24 hours. Reiki may be felt as a variety of sensations such as: heat,  cold, tingling, vibration, heaviness. Sometimes people sleep, may cry, have deeper breathing, stomach gurgles, when the muscles relax they might twitch. The Reiki goes to the level where the problem exists in the patient. Each treatment is different and people have many different reactions during and after treatment .It cleanses on all levels and helps engage the body’s own healing.  Through the treatments , self -knowledge and self- confidence are gained.
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